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Metric Motors Can Help With A Wide Range Of Services

From oil and filter changes to a complete brake inspection, we’re here to take good care of your car or truck. Our auto repair shop in Loveland will check your engine and other car systems and do the maintenance tasks that will keep your car running optimally.

Bring Your Vehicle To Metric Motors For:


Keep your vehicle prepared for every possible weather situation in Northern Colorado with regular tire maintenance and repairs. No matter whether you’re driving a short or long distance, make sure everything is running smoothly with an expert consultation at Metric Motors. Proudly serving the Loveland community for over 40 years, our mechanics are proud to help you if you notice differences in your vehicle’s driving. The optimal time for tire repairs, and to change out your tires, is right before a long-distance drive or several bursts of driving. Putting more miles on your vehicle causes your already-old tires to be strained, causing potentially dangerous situations on the road. Tire rotation is also important and must be performed on your vehicle regularly. This extends the life of your current tires — by ensuring even tread wear — and increases general safety on the road.


In a similar vein of general car maintenance and safety, all drivers need to keep up with regular wheel alignment. This process ensures all your tires are hitting the road at the correct angle, with your wheels pointing straight and the tires being centered in the wheel wells. Avoid unnecessary wear on your tires, suspension system, and brakes and increase your overall driving performance. Bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment adjustment annually, or twice a year if you tend to drive on rough roads. This should also be performed if your vehicle has experienced a significant impact from a crash. These issues aren’t always obvious for the driver.


There are several dangerous possibilities if you don’t keep up with regular tire service and auto repairs. Always keep yourself, your family, and other passengers safe by having an experienced Metric Motors mechanic take a look at your vehicle. Driving with old tires can possibly lead to:

  • Hydroplaning on wet roads (during rain or post-rain)
  • Belt separation when driving at high speeds
  • Tire blowout at any speed


We are proud to give the Loveland area and surrounding communities the best in high-quality tires, suspension and general car tuneups. No after how many miles you drive each day — or what brand or type of tires your car uses — our specialists can provide your vehicle with the necessary repairs. Tire brands we work with include:

Continental – General Tire – Bridgestone – Firestone – Good Year – Hankook – Michelin – Pirelli – Toyo Tires – Yokohama – BFGoodrich – And More!

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Leave all your tire repairs, rotation and services to our certified Metric Motors technicians! SInce 1976, we have provided the Loveland and Northern Colorado community with experienced and fair auto repair and maintenance services. No matter if your vehicle is foreign or domestic, we are more than happy to service every variety of make and model. Contact us today to keep your car running smoothly, safely, and dependably!

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