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Cooling System and Radiator Repair


At Metric Motors, we will check for leaks that could spell problems down the road, averting these issues through radiator repair services you can count on.

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Metric Motors Of Loveland Will Make Sure Your Cooling System Works The Way It Should!

Your engine gets hot, which means your cooling system has to be intact for your vehicle to run at its peak performance without your engine overheating. Our specialists will conduct a thorough inspection to find any cracked or leaking hoses. We will refill fluids and fix any small problems now before they turn into bigger ones later.

Your Onboard Cooling System Works Overtime For You!

Cooling System and Radiator Repair

Your car works hard transporting you and your family around Colorado. Whether you car is used for getting groceries or hauling your family into the mountains, your motor is heating up. To keep your car from overheating, the onboard cooling system works overtime to lower the temperatures under the hood. Don’t let yourself become stranded on the side of the road or with costly vehicle repairs, service your cooling system with Metric Motors of Loveland today.

If you experience overheating, fluid leaks, or warning lights on your dashboard bring your car to the nearest mechanic immediately. In the case of overheating, pull to the side of the road and let your car cool down; you may be able to drive your car with continuous cooldowns, but we recommend having it towed to avoid permanent vehicle damage. Otherwise we recommend having your cooling system serviced every 3 years or 30,000 miles, this typically includes a radiator flush and system inspection.

Vehicle cooling system service includes inspection of the system for cracked or leaking hoses, empty fluids, or other signs of potential system failure, as these warning signs are easily fixed and can prevent more costly repairs. If we find any issues with your system, we may recommend radiator repair or component replacement to prevent potential failures that may lead to permanent vehicle damage.

If you have any questions regarding your vehicles cooling system or any other mechanical issues, contact Loveland, Colorado’s Top Rated LocalⓇ auto repair shop. We are glad to answer your questions, and help get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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