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Striving For Greener Auto Repair

A Green Automotive Repair Shop… Seems like a contradiction.
Most people don’t think “green” when they think about cars. We do. We live on this planet, too, and we work towards making our business more sustainable. There’s always room to grow, but here’s what we’re doing now.

We’ve long tried to be smart about our sustainability. We had our first energy audit performed all the way back in 2011, which resulted in converting to energy saving T-8 fluorescent lighting.

After that first audit many years ago, we decided to get serious about it.

We decided that we need to be good stewards in what we do. So we began our own green initiative.

When you think about it, so many things that we do in helping a vehicle perform better also help make it more efficient.

Whether it’s Tune-ups, diagnosing Check Engine Lights or repairing Emissions failures, it’s all to keep your car run cleaner and greener.

We’ve made the commitment to reduce our waste, our energy usage, and our carbon footprint, and to be more sustainable in our auto repair services in Loveland.

So what have we done?

Every month we recycle over 50 gallons of used antifreeze, 200 gallons of used oil, 500 lbs of paper and cardboard, 550 lbs of glass and plastic, and over 1000 lbs of scrap metals. Even our used oil filters are crushed to remove every last drop of oil possible.

As you may know, by law, computers, monitors, and printers must now be recycled. We’ve gone a step further. We sought out a recycler that takes automotive electronics, too, including computer parts, sensors, and circuit boards.

In total, we’ve reduced our waste by 75%.

We’ve changed our buying habits, using 50% or greater recycled paper products. We’ve reduced buying aerosols whenever possible. Our cleaning solvent is environmentally safe. We’ve switched to hand soaps that do not contain Triclosan. We aim to avoid using chemicals that could potentially be harmful to people and the environment.

We’ve eliminated hazardous waste from our car repair shop. You’ll never see a hazardous waste disposal fee on a Metric Motors invoice.

For our customers, we offer Synthetic oil which lengthens oil change intervals, and we offer re-refined oil, which is produced from used oil.

Green Girl Recycling Report

We are serious about our green initiatives! To see some specific numbers on how much we recycled in 2018, take a look at this Green Girl Recycling Report. Highlights for the year include:

  • By recycling 13,915 pounds of materials, we prevented 6.96 tons of greenhouse gas emissions!
  • By recycling 4,529 pounds of commingled containers, we helped save 2,264.5 pounds of natural resources!
  • Through our paper recycling efforts, we helped save 79.78 trees, each 35 feet tall!

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