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Tips To Avoid Being Stranded

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck on a busy road with an immovable vehicle, waiting for a tow truck to show up as other cars whiz by, you know it’s an experience you’ll never want to repeat. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid such a misfortune, take our word for it: while it isn’t hard to avoid being stranded in your car, it does require careful attention to a few important matters. Here are some tips to avoid being stranded from the Loveland car repair specialists at Metric Motors.

Watch your fuel gauge.
This may seem obvious, but it happens all the time. Somebody forgets to top their tank off before embarking on a trip that’s longer than they realized, and before they know it they’re running on fumes. Don’t let this happen to you!

Know how to change a tire.
Every vehicle you drive should be equipped with at least one spare tire, wrench, and jack. Your vehicle’s operator manual should have complete instructions for changing out a flat, but there’s really no substitute for actually doing it yourself. Practice at home: put the spare on in your driveway, drive around the block, then swap it back out. It may not be your first choice for how to spend your free time, but having the experience can really save you in a pinch.

Take your car in for regular maintenance.
Don’t wait for something to go wrong before you begin to seek car repair. Instead, stop problems before they start by having it maintained by the expert auto mechanics at Metric Motors in Loveland. We’ve got the expertise to keep your vehicle running like a top when you bring it in for regular oil changes, brake service, and any other manufacturer scheduled maintenance your vehicle may need. When was the last time your vehicle was inspected? Don’t be a stranger; contact Metric Motors today!

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