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Understanding Your Air Filter

At Metric Motors of Loveland, we want all of our customers to understand the work we do on their vehicles, from major auto repairs to routine car maintenance. As part of our oil change and preventative maintenance services, we always check your air filter and let you know if it needs to be replaced. You may have wondered what purpose an air filter actually serves in your car, so here is a brief explanation.

Your car’s engine requires two things to work: oxygen and gasoline. Gasoline from your fuel tank is injected into your engine’s pistons, where it is combined with oxygen from your carburetor. The carburetor draws in air from outside of the vehicle, but in order to avoid foreign particles like dust, dirt, and debris from entering your engine, it must first pass through a filter.

Over time, the filter can become clogged with all of that dirt and debris, thereby making it harder for air to get to your engine. When this happens, the gasoline-to-oxygen ratio is changed, and your engine ends up burning rich. This leads to decreased vehicle performance and excessive gasoline consumption. In order to avoid this, your air filter needs to be replaced periodically before it can reach that level of congestion. If you continue to drive without changing the air filter, eventually those pollutants can be drawn into your engine and cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

The air filter is just one of the many things we check for when you get car maintenance from Metric Motors. Let us worry about staying on top of all those details so that you can enjoy smooth, safe, and reliable driving. Contact Metric Motors today!

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