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Stay Safe on the Road This Winter – Part 2

Keeping your life going when winter weather is going crazy can be a challenge. Even more than that, it can be dangerous. In our last blog, we discussed several ways for you to stay safe on the roads this winter. Today, we have a few more tips for you!

Stay Safe on the Road This Winter

Preserve visibility

  • Winter weather reduces visibility. Whether you’re dealing with a blizzard or sun glaring like crazy off the snow, it can be difficult to see well. Make sure your headlights, windows, and mirrors are clean. This isn’t always an easy job with all the slush flying around, but it’s worth it. You can’t stay safe if you can’t see.

Don’t get overconfident about all-wheel drive

  • Too many people get all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicles and believe they’re invincible. This isn’t true at all. Yes, you will have an easier time getting going in ice and snow, and making turns won’t be as difficult. However, you won’t stop any faster than any other vehicle when you hit a patch of ice. Caution is still key. Watch for other motorists, give yourself space to brake, and drive slowly.

Consider getting snow tires

  • Of all your car’s features, the tires are some of the most important during winter. Without a solid connection to the road, it’s impossible to stay in control. If you live up toward the mountains or in an area with consistently-snowy roads, you’ll want to get snow tires with deeper tread. However, they aren’t the only answer. You need your tires to bite into the snow, and tire chains will allow them to do this well. Yes, they are noisier, but they will keep you safe.
  • While we’re on the subject of tires, we want to remind you that cold temperatures reduce their air pressure, which can cause flats or blowouts. Keep tabs on your tire pressure and add air when needed. This will ensure that you get the best performance out of your tires, a must in snowy conditions.

Be prepared for the worst

  • Where cities in warmer climates shut down when they get an inch of snow, Coloradans will push through feet of it like it’s a normal thing. That being said, be smart about when you go out and when you don’t. Sometimes, the safest thing to do in winter is to not leave home. However, if you have to get out there, make sure you’re prepared. You should always have at least half a tank of gas just in case you get stranded and you need some extra fuel to stay warm while you wait for help. You’ll also want some water, non-perishable food, gloves, blankets, reflective tape, and a cell phone charger. If you know you’re headed into really bad conditions, you should have a shovel.
  • Part of preparation is ensuring your car is ready to handle winter’s challenges. That means getting your car checked up for correct levels of antifreeze, functioning headlights, and windshield wipers that can do their job. Make sure there’s an ice scraper in there somewhere, and if you’re traveling far, tell family and friends about your plans. Give yourself extra time and keep tabs on road conditions.

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