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Cars have become essential to our way of life. It’s difficult to commute, buy groceries, and take kids to practice without wheels. The thing is, cars are great while they’re working. When they break down, it can really mess up your daily life. Not only that, it can be an expensive situation to remedy. Some auto repair and maintenance garages will try to take advantage of you, charging you for unnecessary inspections or sending you off with shoddy workmanship. This isn’t acceptable, especially not for a vehicle so essential to your lifestyle.

Loveland Tire & Service exists because our team wanted to create an auto repair shop that can be trusted for everything from regular maintenance to emergency repairs. We want you to be able to turn to us, no matter what is going on with your vehicle.

Our General Services

These are services that will keep your car running well for years. If they aren’t tended to, your car will eventually break down. These are things like oil changes that some people love to do themselves, but a majority of people don’t know how or can’t find the time. That’s why we are here! Our skilled technicians are familiar with many different car makes and can easily provide these services with excellence.

Our Repair and Maintenance Services

Do you have a light out? Do your brakes screech? Maybe your battery is low or your spark plugs aren’t firing correctly. We are here to address all of your car’s repair needs.

Our Engine Services

Without an engine and a transmission, your car is dead in the water. We are here to keep your car running, whether it needs an engine, transmission, or transfer case replacement. We stand by our work and offer world-class warranties. Come see us soon!

Stay tuned to this blog for valuable auto repair insights and contact us for work done right the first time!

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