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Rebuilding vs Replacing Your Engine

When your engine is failing, it can be difficult to decide if you should repair it, replace it or just buy a new car. And it can be hard to know who to trust for honest advice about your options. Loveland Tire and Auto Service is a family-run business and we treat our customers like we would want our family to be treated in the same situation.  Stop by if you’ve got questions. Meanwhile, here are some tips and things to think about if you are facing the big decision of whether to repair or replace your engine.

You’ll know it is time to start thinking about your options when your oil consumption starts to skyrocket, your engine can’t maintain oil pressure, knocking sounds don’t have any other cause, or if your car is producing a lot of smoke. There are other indicators that your engine is about to go kaput. But those are pretty common ones.

Consider the Hidden Costs of a New Car

If your car is in good shape and you had no plans to replace it any time soon, repairing or replacing your engine may be the way to go.

If the prospect of rebuilding or repairing your car’s engine seems overwhelming, the hidden costs of replacing your care are going have the same effect. You’ll likely have to finance your new car. The amount you’ll pay in interest over the term of your car loan is likely far greater than the cost of repairing or replacing your engine.

To add insult to injury, in addition to the interest, you’ll have to consider registration, title, license, documentation, and emissions fees. And don’t forget to factor in sales tax.

Rebuilding instead of replacing

Once you’ve decided you want to get your car running again, the decision to rebuild or replace often is just one of personal preference. But there could also be short-term financial reasons for taking this approach. Rebuilding an engine can be done in stages. Most often it’ll start with a complete inspection. Here at Loveland Tire and Auto, our inspection will indicate whether a ring and valve job might get your engine running well for long enough to make it worthwhile. The benefit of this approach is that anything that is still in good working order doesn’t get replaced. The downside is that there are parts of the engine that can’t be inspected until it is in pieces. And if you get inside the engine and find too much damage to fix, you’ll find yourself back at the beginning again having to decide whether to replace your engine or your car.

Consider a remanufactured engine

A remanufactured engine, like the ones we offer here at Loveland Tire and Auto, can be an excellent option. Remember, a new engine is not the same as a new car. If other parts of your car aren’t performing to your satisfaction, a new engine won’t fix those. You will, however, avoid all the hassle and extra expense of buying a new car and have an engine that will take you a long way.

If you buy your remanufactured engine from us, you’ll be all set with a 3-year, 100,000 mile, transferable warranty. We take pride in our work. Your car won’t leave here until it is purring like a kitten. And we’ll have it ready for you on time and on budget.

Give us a call for more information. Or have your car towed in and we’ll take a look.

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