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Avoid Getting Pulled Over

Getting pulled over while driving can be a major headache, and it’s safe to say that most people would like to avoid it at all times. Taking care to follow all the applicable traffic rules and regulations is only one thing you should pay attention to in order to avoid getting pulled over. Another thing that many people aren’t aware of is the fact that you could get pulled over because of the physical condition of your vehicle. Here are a few ways in which your car could get you into trouble:

Lights  It’s easy for police officers to spot vehicles on the road at night that don’t have proper lighting. Headlights, tail lights, and turn signals should all be fully functional. Burnt-out brake lights and license plate bulbs are also an easy way to attract the attention of the police.

Muffler  A car that creates excessive noise can be considered a disturbance or a nuisance, and might potentially net you a hefty fine. If your muffler isn’t functioning properly, take it to your local Loveland auto repair shop right away.

Windshield  A cracked windshield is also an easy way to get pulled over. Nobody likes paying to replace a windshield, but it’s better than paying for that as well as a traffic citation.

Alignment  If it’s hard to keep your car moving along a straight line, chances are you’re in need of an alignment job. It could also mean that an officer interprets your swervy driving as being the cause of alcohol consumption, which is certainly not something you want to be suspected of while driving!

Bring your car in to Metric Motors of Loveland, and let us keep you from getting pulled over for vehicle equipment violations. Our auto repair services are effective and reliable. Contact us today!

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