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What You Should Always Have In Your Car

You rely on your vehicle to get you places without incidence. But have you equipped your car properly in the event of an emergency (or simply unforeseen circumstances)?

We’ve compiled a list of what you should keep in your car at all times. If you don’t have all these things, take a moment this week to round up these items and store them in your vehicle.

Auto Insurance And Vehicle Registration

It’s surprising how many people don’t keep copies of these documents in their glove compartment. Always have proof of current auto insurance in your car, along with your most recent vehicle registration slip. If a police officer happens to stop you, you’ll be asked for these papers.

Flashlight And Spare Batteries

What happens when you get stranded somewhere remote at night? A flashlight may be the only light source you have, outside of your vehicle lights — but you don’t want to overuse your car lights, to avoid draining your battery. If you need to read a map, check under the hood, add coolant to your engine, or simply find a rain poncho that’s somewhere in your trunk, a flashlight comes in very handy.

Vehicle Manual

Your manual includes vital information about your vehicle. It has information about how to diagnose problems, it can tell you what your dashboard indicators are trying to say, and it has details an auto mechanic might find useful should you find yourself having to seek car repair services at an auto repair shop in a remote location.

A Good Road Map

Even though many of us have GPS in our cars and navigation apps on our cell phones, we can’t always rely on our electronics to work. Batteries run out, service goes down or is inaccessible, and a road map becomes essential. Keep one in your vehicle, and if you need some help with figuring out how to navigate your road map, let us know; our mechanics are happy to assist!


Especially if you’re taking a longer trip, bring water with you. You’ll need it to stay hydrated should you end up stranded somewhere for a long period.

First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. If you’re driving around town doing errands, and you or your kids gets scraped up or takes a fall, it’s good to know that you have a full first aid kit waiting for you in your car.

Jumper Cables

Can’t start your engine? It could be the battery. Having jumper cables in your car means you can get a jumpstart and be on your way. Make sure to take your car in to an auto repair shop to diagnose the issue or replace your battery.

Ice Scraper

Here in Colorado, this is a must! Throughout the year, you never really know when you might encounter a snow or ice storm (it could happen even in the summer in our mountains). Always keep an ice scraper so you can clear off ice and snow and improve your visibility.

Basic Tool Kit

Having basic tools like a hammer or a screwdriver handy can help in many circumstances.

For more ideas about what to keep with you in your car, contact the expert auto mechanics at Metric Motors in Loveland, CO!

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