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Dashboard Lights That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Everyone has been there: just a casual morning, you get in your vehicle to head for work, turn it on, and suddenly you notice a light on your dashboard that is not normally there, indicating that there is an issue. Even with this light, whether it is a battery, oil can, check engine, or other indicators, your car seems to work perfectly fine, posing the question whether or not it’s worth it to go to a car mechanic. While it is true that some dashboard lights may not require immediate attention, there are a few that should never be ignored or put off or you may find yourself stranded or stuck with major, expensive car repairs down the road.

Dashboard Lights That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

At Metric Motors, we have seen it all when it comes to dashboard lights coming on. And our professional car mechanics have the experience, knowledge, and technology to diagnose the issue and make any necessary repairs if needed. When these lights come on, it is best to address the issue sooner rather than later. In this blog, we will review some dashboard lights that shouldn’t be ignored.

Check Engine Light

When the check engine light turns on, your vehicle’s engine computer is telling you that something is wrong. This light could mean a variety of different issues. However, typically it is an indication of a problem that is affecting your car’s ignition, fuel, or emission system. This is something you don’t want to delay checking out.

If the check engine light is on in your vehicle, get to the source of it with a check engine light diagnosis from Metric Motor!

Battery Light

There are several factors that can cause your vehicle’s battery light on the dashboard to turn on. Typically, most battery lights will flash on when the vehicle’s charging system is not charging the battery to a voltage higher than 13.5 volts. Insufficient battery charging can be due to damaged battery plates, corroded battery cable terminals, or it could be due to an issue with the vehicle’s alternator or voltage regulator. If the light happens to come on while driving the vehicle — don’t worry, your car should continue to run as long as there is still some juice left in the battery. Once you turn the engine off, however, you may not be able to restart the car — not without jumping it, at least.

If your car battery light turns on, be sure to head to Metric Motor for a battery testing. If needed, we can offer car battery replacement plus disposal of your old battery!

An Interesting Fact

The lights on your dashboard are generally color-coded to help drivers discern their level of importance. A light that is red symbolizes a serious issue that should be handled as soon as possible. Yellow or orange lights often indicate that something needs to be serviced or repaired, while green or blue lights usually refer to a system that is on, such as the vehicle’s brights. Of course, you can learn more about these signals in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Brake Light

There are a few things in life that you don’t want to take a gamble with, and your vehicle’s brake system is one of those few. A brake light on the dashboard could mean a few things. It could be something as simple as forgetting that your emergency brake is on or something that may require the help from an experienced car mechanic, such as low brake fluid or an issue with the brake hydraulic system. Whatever the cause of your brake light flashing on, it’s not worth risking when it comes to the ability to stop safely.

If you notice your brake light is on, the brake services at Metric Motor will be able to diagnose the issue and find a working solution.

Oil Warning Light

When the light shaped like an oil lamp flashes on, it may be an indication that your vehicle has low oil pressure or a low oil level. In either case, your engine is at risk of stopping, even while you are still driving. Not only can this cause costly engine damage and damage to many of the connected parts and components, engine failure is the something that could potentially cause an accident. The best way to avoid this from happening is to check your oil level regularly, and if it is low, fill it to the proper levels.

Even after putting oil into your vehicle, it is still a good idea to have an auto repair mechanic take a look at it.

Airbag Warning Light

A airbag light on the dashboard can be easy to ignore, but delaying service could end up being something you regret. When the airbag warning light is on, it could potentially mean that your airbags may not deploy or it could actually be an issue with another life-saving device in the vehicle: the seat belts. When this light appears, it is best to check with your vehicle’s manufacturer and get this problem diagnosed by professionals as soon as possible.

Coolant Warning Light

A coolant light is an indication that your vehicle’s coolant level is low or that your vehicle’s engine is overheating. When your engine overheats, it can cause numerous issues and damage. When engines overheat due to lack of cooling, they may crack, seize up, or stop working, even if your vehicle is in motion. If you see this light turn on, it is best to turn off the vehicle and let the engine cool. Then, get that light checked out by a professional mechanic.

If you notice any of the dashboard lights above in your vehicle, for your safety as well as the safety of others, it is best to get your car checked out by a professional.

At Metric Motors, our professional and experienced mechanics can figure out what’s going on with your vehicle. With check engine light diagnosis, brake services, and more, we can make sure we make the proper adjustment to get those annoying dashboard lights off! To learn more information or to schedule an auto service appointment, contact the auto mechanics at Metric Motors today!

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